Hogtied and Buggered

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Hogtied on the floor, a ball gag thrust in her mouth Mercy groans and struggles for some relief. The pink soles of her feet are thrust upward looming above her head. Her toes fan the air and become the object or her master?s attentions. He pricks the tender bottoms from heal to the tips of her toes, causing them jump and wiggle when the skin is jabbed. Her poor bipeds are further tortured with the application of the paddle. Soles, heals and toes are slapped and stung by the wooden implement. Mercy whimpers and groans pleading for it to stop. When her master has finished toying with her feet, his interest moves to her up thrust bottom. He spreads her cheeks open and thrusts a translucent butt plug into her defenseless rectum, leaving her to enjoy its intrusion.Then, tied to a chair, her arms pulled back behind her, feet and legs immobilized, Mercy waits. A large vibrator is tied into her pussy and completes her helplessness. She is aware that her up-thrust breasts and large pink nipples are an easy target for her master?s attentions. . Her anticipation is soon resolved when the clamps are squeezed upon her nipples and soon there is an unbearably burning sensation. When the stretcher bar is attached, tears well up in her eyes as her tortured nipples are squeezed and pulled. But she can only whimper through the ball gag and hope he will soon release her.

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